Fjola Dogg Helgadottir PhD, MClinPsych, PostDipPsych, BPsych. Fjola is an Icelandic/Australian Clinical psychologist, Website developer, Traveler, Runner and Artificial Intelligence enthusiast. Fjola runs AI-Therapy, provider of anonymous treatment software for social anxiety and fertility issues. Previously she was a Senior research clinician at Department of Psychiatry, Oxford University, UK. AI-Therapy is a high-quality, private, online treatment for individuals in any country in the world.

Fjola has completed four university degrees. Two of these degrees have been in psychology and two have been in clinical psychology, resulting in four theses. She completed her PhD in 2010, which received two notable awards on the strength of her research. Her PhD involved creating an online treatment program known as was a fully-automated website that targets social phobia using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Fjola created the clinical content for the treatment program, as well as programming and designing the website. In the process she learned several programming languages, such as Javascript, PHP and SQL.

Fjola's research interests: Dissemination of evidence based treatments, the psychology of fertility problems, social anxiety, OCD, magical/superstitious thinking, superstitious and safety behaviours, the psychology of stuttering, GAD, depression, performance anxiety, and anxiety of all kinds.

Fjola has worked as a psychology researcher for over a decade and a clinician for the past 8 years. She has been involved in a wide variety of clinical research projects throughout her career, and her research has been published widely and presented at conferences around the globe. Fjola also conducts peer review for academic journals in Clinical Psychology. She has received clinical training in a number of different settings, including specialist hospitals, schools and private clinics. Finally, she ran a highly successful evidence based clinical psychology private practice, measured both in client outcomes and the number of ongoing General Practitioners referrals.

Running is Fjola's favorite way to relax; she has competed in four marathons, with a top time of 3 h 55 min 43 sec. She has also travelled to 79 countries, and is counting...

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